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Welcome to La Tromba Music!

In the name of all of the very fine Musical Artists, excellent Technicians and all associated persons working for and with La Tromba Music Productions, I wish to personally welcome you to our website.

I have had the great fortune to have been teaching at University level Institutions in Europe and most specifically in Bavaria, Germany for the past 35 and more years. I have taught aswell throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. The "University of Music" Hochschule für Musik in Würzburg where I have been teaching as full tenured Lecturer for Chamber Music from Baroque to Big-Band since 2001 and before from 1983 at the Hermann Zilcher Conservatory for Music has been my main teaching center. Working with students in Baroque and Classical ensembles and Chamber Orchestras and founding the Jazz Department (with students through to Jazz Combos and Big- Bands) has been an added  experience for me.
During this time (and since 1980  when I taught at the regional Junior Music College in Bad Königshofen) I have been very fortunate to be able to organise, mostly through my La Tromba Music Productions firm, several Student Competitions, many International-level Master Classes and diverse Music Courses. These were often in coordination with the European Brass Academy, the European Trumpet Guild and/or the International Trumpet Guild. I have as well been to be able to invite many fine International Performing Artists from throughout the world to lecturer and help many of my students and those of my colleagues to perform in Concerts and as well do diverse recordings both here in Germany and throughout Europe.
I am especially proud of  the 2014 La Tromba Music Jazz-Trumpet Competition, since it was an important part of our new 3 day International Jazz Festival!
With 3 high-level Professional Concerts and 2 Clinics featuring truly International Stars such as the great "Sir Ack" van Rooyen (Lyrical- Flügelhorn) from Den Haag, Holland and the young "Shooting Star" Benny Brown (Big-Band "Lead" and Modern-Jazz Trumpet) from Edinburgh, Scottland/Hamburg, Germany, this Festival was a huge success. Many of those who attended reported to me personally that they enjoyed the very fine music and that they already look forward to our next Jazz Festival concerts!

It is my sincere wish to reach out into the intensively  competitive "world of trumpeters" with a new and open approach and a sincerely friendly and truly collegial attitude towards our profession and for many of us, our true passion.

In an attempt to communicate in a cooperative way, we sincerely wish to offer usefull professional advise to help you with your specific and individual trumpet- playing needs. This is not a kind of "Trumpet Forum" form, propigating negative one-sided opinions nor unqualified criticisms but much more an attempt to offer positive and supportive "online-consulting" on a "one on one" basis, and this for serious trumpeters(!) whether ernest amateurs or full-professionals.
I personally have had the very special opportunity and highly enjoyable experience of  helping thousands of brass playing students over the last 40 years of my University teaching career, not to mention the many hundreds of sincerely interested trumpeting musicians "world-wide" through this new web-site,...freely giving answers to their questions and offering realistic suggestions and possible solutions to day to day playing problems. 
If you have a problem or questions, be it from breathing to emboucher , trumpets and mouthpieces to study books and  performance literature (or even your own suggestion as how to make this website an especially positive experinece for you and your fellow colleagues), please feel free go to "Contact" to leave/ask your question or even make an appoinment to see me in our La Tromba Studio here in Germany.

Sincerely yours,

"Valentine's Day Concert" 2016