Richard Carson Steuart and his Canadian Benefit Concert Tour 2016

Richard Carson Steuart is an internationally renowned and acclaimed Canadian Music Composer, Producer, Trumpet Soloist, and University Lecturer born in 1956 and raised in Saskatchewan. He is the winner of the world’s most prestigious National and International Classical Solo Trumpet competitions and based in Europe since 1978, has been touring and lecturing for over four decades world-wide.

He will be performing three benefit concerts with organ accompaniment and lecturing in at least two Universities in Canada in September of this year.
His three Concerts, together with the Concert Organist Dr. Klaus Linsenmeyer of Germany, will include music from “Bach to Bernstein”, and will take place in:

Saskatoon: September 16th at Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, 7:30pm (BENEFICIARY is “EGADZ”)

Weyburn: September 17th at Grace United Church, 4:00pm (BENEFICIARY is “The Family Place”) and

Regina: September 18th at Westminster United Church, 7:30pm (BENEFICIARY is “Regina Open Door Society”)

Tickets will be available at online, and at the door (starting an hour before the concert times above), and will cost between $15 and $40, with each ticket-holder receiving a CD compilation of  Mr. Steuart’s recorded works covering a wide variety of genres… a “50th Musical Anniversary Tour - Benefit Concert CD”. 

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Regina Open Door Society (RODS)   []:
The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina.  RODS is committed to meeting the needs of newcomers by offering programs and services that enable them to achieve their goals and participate fully in the larger community.  RODS objectives are to assist refugees and immigrants, and promote their adjustment to and participation in the Saskatchewan community, to promote and extend community services to refugees and immigrants, to foster greater awareness and understanding between newcomers and the community, and to seek to establish facilities for intercultural, educational and social activities.

The Family Place   []:
In 1987 the Weyburn and Area Council on Child Abuse organization was formed.  A group of community minded individuals focused on combating the growing issues of child abuse and neglect in Weyburn.  Its focus was education, training, and therapy for professionals (doctors, nurses, and pastors), victims, and families of victims.  By the early 1990's they had a vision of a family resource and support center in the downtown core that would have a more expanded approach to family support and education.  Through time, our programs and services have changed and developed to meet the changing needs of our community, but improving the quality of life for children and families has stayed at the heart of what we do.  Today we offer three preschools, including one for at-risk children which offers additional family support paired with preschool, many programs, and several miscellaneous services.

EGADZ   []:
The Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre Inc. - EGADZ has been operating a Youth Centre in downtown Saskatoon since April 2
nd, 1990 that has become better known as EGADZ.  The development of the Youth Centre began in 1988 with discussions regarding “hard to serve” youth among various agencies under the catalyst of the City of Saskatoon, Leisure Services Department.We are a non-profit community based organization that provides programs and services to children, youth and their families in making healthy choices that improves their quality of life.  We are visionary leaders, catalysts and advocates for ensuring that children and youth have a voice in determining the programs and services that best meet their needs.  We accept others unconditionally and without judgment.  We are open, honest and respectful in our communications.  We work collaboratively with our clients, staff and the community. 

Free Canadian Benefit Tour CD:

Music for the Trumpet Vol. I


Richard Carson Steuart's Early Study and Artisic Biography

Born on January 31st, 1956 in Weyburn, Richard moved with his family to Regina in 1960. His first musical instruction began on his 9th birthday under the tutelage of his father, Kenneth Leslie Steuart, a SaskTel Telecommunications Engineer and a serious brass-playing hobby musician.
Richard performed his first public concert as Cornet Soloist in Rosemont United Church in Regina, in 1966 together with Ms. Edith Chisholm and this after only one year of any kind of musical studies.

At age 11, Richard undertook his first “Jazz” tour as featured “junior” Trumpet Soloist as a part of the 1967 Canadian National Centenary Concert Festivities. He was accompanied by a professional Big Band led by his first teacher, Dr. John Harding.
Richard was a repeated Class A-Open First Prize winner in the Regina and Saskatchewan Music festivals and was as well the Junior First Prize Winner (at age 11) of the Canadian National Music Festival in 1967. Intensely involved in various musical groups in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan from the very beginning of his studies, he performed with the Salvation Army Brass, the Regina Police Boys and the Saskatchewan Youth Bands, the Regina Inter- Collegiate and Saskatchewan Youth Orchestras and the University of Saskatchewan Brass Quintet, Symphonic Concert and Jazz Big Bands.  

Richard became a member of the Regina Symphony Orchestra 1969 at age 13, advancing to the Solo Trumpet position in the 1971/72 season.  In 1970, at the age of 14, he accepted his first Trumpet Teaching- Assistantship under Dr. Mel Carey at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. Having previously studied Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe and Piano at the Regina Conservatory, he also found time to teach beginner Clarinet and Saxophone for the Regina City School District.

From 1970 to 1975, he was Solo Trumpeter and featured Solist of the National Youth Chamber and Symphony Orchestras of Canada performing on extended Summer Concert tours in among other major Canadian cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. 
In 1976, at age 20 and already CBC Radio Soloist and Solo-trumpeter of Canadian Chamber Orchestra, he won both the First Prize at the Canadian National Music Festival in Toronto and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio and Television Classical Solo-Instrumental Competition - the “CBC Talent Festival” and this for all Wind Instruments. There after he was accepted into the famous Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, USA receiving a full 4 year Scholarship. He was as well awarded the first of three consecutive international Study Grants (1976-1978) from the Arts Council of Canada, with which he subsequently studied in Chicago and New York with the foremost members of the Symphony and Opera Orchestras of those major American cultural centres.

Travelling to Europe in the summer of 1978 as Solo Trumpet of the World Youth Orchestra, he completed his studies first in London and then Munich and accepted on November 4th the Solo Trumpeter position in the German Opera in Düsseldorf.

In February of 1979 he accepted the position as Solo Trumpeter of the world touring, “Bamberg Symphoniker”. He is the co-founder of among several other high profile ensembles, the German Brass Ensemble (1979), the Munich Brass (1983) the European Baroque (1989) and the “Prince Bishop’s Wind Ensemble” (1999).

Richard competed for and won both the German- ARD (1980) and Swiss- SRF (1981) International Radio and Television Competitions for the Trumpet as Solo Instrument.

His musical accomplishments were officially honoured by the Bavarian State Ministry of Culture when they created a special position for him in 1983 at the Music Conservatory / State University of Music in Wuerzburg, Northern Bavaria where he continues to teach both Historical and Modern Trumpet and Chamber Music today.

Through performing thousands of live concerts, producing over 20 Solo and Ensemble CDs from Classic to Jazz for his own CD “La Tromba Music Productions” company alone, as well as recording with various top musical constellations as both  Opera and Symphonic Solo-Trumpeter, Solo Concert Soloist, Chamber Ensemble and “Soloist-Leader”, Mr. Steuart’s Classical Music experience has over the 50 years of his musical career become truly extensive.

As featured Recording-Artist for the CBC, WDR, BR, SDR, ARD, SRF, Radio and Television stations as well for the RCA, BMG, EMI, MMO and Konstantin and Koch- International CD and Film production companies and through touring with groups ranging from English and German Pop and Rock to Brass and Symphonic Concert Bands, diverse Jazz and Modern-Fusion Orchestras as well as international Historical Music Ensembles, yes even for major European and Hollywood Films his musical knowledge and experince has developed in a very broad spectrum.

Richard Carson Steuart’s teaching as Guest Professor in major conservatories and universities internationally and his Concert touring in Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada, China, Japan and throughout Europe, has contributed to the high acclaim he receives from his general public and his peers alike, and this as not only one of the foremost Trumpeters of his generation, but also as one of the world's most experienced, versatile and knowledgeable trumpet performers and teachers today.

Klaus Linsenmeyer (Organ)

The German Concert Organist Klaus Linsenmeyer has been the General Music Director of the "Hauger-Stifts-Kirche" in Wuerzburg since 1971.

He studied organ from 1959 to1963 with the famous Johann Sebastian Bach specialist Prof. Karl Richter at the Musikhochschule (University of Music) in Munich, during which time he was engaged as organist at the both the Zwölf-Apostelkirche and the Bürgersaalkirche in Munich. For more than 40 years, he was Director of Musical Studies at the Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium in Wuerzburg, at which time he was also engaged as organ teacher at both the Hermann-Zilcher-Konservatorium and the Musikhochschule (University of Music) in Wuerzburg.

Over the past 60 years of his musical career Klaus Linsenmeyer has performed as Soloist in over 100 Radio recordings and CD productions for among others, the Bavarian State Radio in Munich, and toured Canada (Vancouver, Victoria), USA, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Egypt, Lithuania, Korea, as well as many of the largest cities of Russia, including Volgograd, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In 1996 he was awarded his Doctorate of Musical Philosophy from the Julius Echter University in Würzburg, successfully defending his dissertation concerning the iconic German pianist, composer and teacher Wilhelm Kempff. In November 2015 Dr. Linsenmeyer was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande (German National Medal of Honour) from the German President personally, paying due tribute and respect for Dr. Linsenmeyer’s lifes work as both a teacher and musical artist in the German Republic.

For further information, please contact: Brian Johnson (in Regina) at 306-536-1211 or Triant Steuart (in Saskatoon) at 306-380-9371 or

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In the name of all of the very fine Musical Artists, excellent Technicians and all associated persons working for and with La Tromba Music Productions, I wish to personally welcome you to our website.

I have had the great fortune to have been teaching at University level Institutions in Europe and most specifically in Bavaria, Germany for the past 35 and more years. I have taught aswell throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. The "University of Music" Hochschule für Musik in Würzburg where I have been teaching as full tenured Lecturer for Chamber Music from Baroque to Big-Band since 2001 and before from 1983 at the Hermann Zilcher Conservatory for Music has been my main teaching center. Working with students in Baroque and Classical ensembles and Chamber Orchestras and founding the Jazz Department (with students through to Jazz Combos and Big- Bands) has been an added  experience for me.
During this time (and since 1980  when I taught at the regional Junior Music College in Bad Königshofen) I have been very fortunate to be able to organise, mostly through my La Tromba Music Productions firm, several Student Competitions, many International-level Master Classes and diverse Music Courses. These were often in coordination with the European Brass Academy, the European Trumpet Guild and/or the International Trumpet Guild. I have as well been to be able to invite many fine International Performing Artists from throughout the world to lecturer and help many of my students and those of my colleagues to perform in Concerts and as well do diverse recordings both here in Germany and throughout Europe.
I am especially proud of  the 2014 La Tromba Music Jazz-Trumpet Competition, since it was an important part of our new 3 day International Jazz Festival!
With 3 high-level Professional Concerts and 2 Clinics featuring truly International Stars such as the great "Sir Ack" van Rooyen (Lyrical- Flügelhorn) from Den Haag, Holland and the young "Shooting Star" Benny Brown (Big-Band "Lead" and Modern-Jazz Trumpet) from Edinburgh, Scottland/Hamburg, Germany, this Festival was a huge success. Many of those who attended reported to me personally that they enjoyed the very fine music and that they already look forward to our next Jazz Festival concerts!

It is my sincere wish to reach out into the intensively  competitive "world of trumpeters" with a new and open approach and a sincerely friendly and truly collegial attitude towards our profession and for many of us, our true passion.

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I personally have had the very special opportunity and highly enjoyable experience of  helping thousands of brass playing students over the last 40 years of my University teaching career, not to mention the many hundreds of sincerely interested trumpeting musicians "world-wide" through this new web-site,...freely giving answers to their questions and offering realistic suggestions and possible solutions to day to day playing problems. 
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