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Richard Carson Steuart Performs and Conducts

This in 2008/9 remastered CD (originally from 1994/1995) with the I Virtuosi String Ensemble as accompanying body marked Richard Carson Steuart's International Conducting/Recording Debut.

He was especially pleased to aquire the services of the Virtuoso Chech Solo-Violinist Oldrich Vlcek, who acts as both Concert-master with the I Virtuosi di Praga String Orchestra for the Classical and as featured Soloist with the European Baroque Ensemble for the Baroque works on this CD.
Mr. Vlcek's "I Virtuosi di Praga" string ensemble is augmenetd by members of the Prag Philharmonic Orchestra for both of the Classical Trumpet Concertos rwritten in 1796 and 1801 respectively, by the famous Austrian Joseph Haydn and the lesser known Chech Johann Nepomuck Hummel. Both of these Classical Concerto recordings took place in the famous Supraphon Recording Studios in Prag, Chech Republic.

For the Baroque works on this CD: the Concertos in C major by the Italian Tomaso Albinoni and in D Major by the Slovenian Guiseppe Tartini, Mr. Steuart's own European Baroque (soloist) Ensemble were added and the recordings took place in Germany, again accompanied by the I Virtuosi di Praga Strings.
These recordings took place as part of a series of Baroque works recorded as co-productions for National German Radio (ARD) Broadcasts at the BR Bavarian Radio's Studio Nr. I in Munich, Germany.

All recording sessions were produced and directed by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's direction.

* There is an interesting review of this re-mastered CD in the January 2008 issue if the International Trumpet Guild Journal. Although this review (and all other from the January ITG 2008 issue) are not yet accessable on the internet it will be soon and in the mean time for those who are intersted there are many other interesting ITG CD Reviews of other trumpet soloists and ensembles as well very fine Articles on many musical subjects pertaining to the trumpet that are accessable through

La Trombetta Richard Carson Steuart, Trumpet and Michael Schlueter, Pianoforte: Music for Trumpet and Piano from the 20th Century

This Piano and Trumpet Duo CD was recorded together with the late Michael Schlueter on the Boesendorfer "Imperial" Grand Piano and took place in the Grand Concert Hall in the "Meistersinger- Conservatory of Music" in Nuernburg, Germany.

The works recorded are the very best of the original Trumpet and Piano repertoire of the 20th Century with an added special arrangment of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" by the late giant of the Classical Solo- trumpet world, the Russian Trumpet-Virtuoso and former Solo-trumpet of the Bolschoi Ballet Orchestra, Mr. Timofey Dokschitzer.
Mr. Steuart performs Gershwin's Rhapsody on a "historical" American Jazz-trumpet made by the C. G. Conn company in 1920.

The Duo also performs the Hindemith Sonata (1939) with Mr. Steuart playing his Monke (German) Rotary-valve instrument and Rafeal Mendez's Schezo in D-Minor on a vintage King "Liberty" Model Bb trumpet from the early 1950's. Other pieces on the CD include Eugene Bozza's "Rustiques" and Paul Jeanjean's "Capriccioso" performed on the "Traditional" Romantic Cornet as well as the famous works from Geoges Enescu ("Legend") and Alexander Goedicke ("Concert Etude") on the modern trumpet.

All recording sessions were produced and directed by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's direction.

Richard Carson Steuart Performs and Conducts II

On this CD Richard Carson Steuart performs as soloist and simulataneously conducts in 4 seperate recording sessions with 5 different enesmbles: the German Chamber Soloists, the Munich Bach Soloists,  the I Virtuosi di Praga Chamber Orchestra from Prague, Chech Republic and lastly with an ensemble comprised of the most experienced Chamber musicians from Munich's Philharmonic and Bavarian Radio Orchestras.

The recording is the first and only existing trumpet recording of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Oboe/Flute Concerto in it's orginal key of C major (performed on the piccolo trumpet in High Bb), as well as the only complete and orginal version of the Oboe Concert in Eb by Vincenzo Bellini (performed on the High Eb Trumpet).

The Arcangelo Corelli Sonata in D was performed on the (valveless) Renaissance Trumpet with a special extra- light (0,30 mm  thickness) conical bell with Gold Kranz and Knauf.

The two movement Leopold Mozart Concerto (from the famous 9 Mvmt. Seranade) was performed by Mr. Steuart on (valveless) Natural Trumpet of the High Baroque Era (Johann Leonard Ehe III, 1746) with a Pure Silver Bell ("Zarensilber" "? Augsburger Silber: 14 to 16 parts pure) both made special-order by Adolf and then Rainer Egger in Basel, Switzerland. 

All recording sessions were produced by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's artisic direction.

Spanish Blue Duo Plus Three LIVE in GERMANY

The Spanish Blue Duo "LIVE" Plus 3 was recorded in the summer of 2005 in the "Toscanasaal" of the "Prince Bishop's Residenz", a grand "rococo" Palace built in the mid- 18th Century and located in the center of the city of the Franconian city of Wuerzburg, Germany (Northern Bavaria).

The CD takes the listener through several works of the Classical and Romantic periods of European "Spanish- Music" but suddenly moves abruptly from a concert duo version of Rodrigo"s "Concierto de Aranjuez" in an direct segue into the American Jazz pianaist Chick Corea's "Spain" with added Jazz Trio accompaniament. The programm now quickly goes on to works by Miles Davis("Nardis"), Louis Bonfa ("Manha de Carnival") Ron Carter ("Sabato Sombreo") and even includes a "bonus track" of a remastered version of an orginal work by Steuart; his "Spanish-Blue", which is a completely improvised work and in his words an "homage" on wonderfully free musical style of the famous Gipsy Kings.
All recording sessions were produced and directed by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's direction.

Just recently a young Trumpeter in Oregon, USA wrote and asked me:

Greetings Richard!
My name is Daniel Summers. I am a trumpet player and teacher based in Oregon, and I greatly admire your work. In particular, I have a question for you about an album of Trumpet & Guitar music that you did for ITG in 2010. This one:

I Produced and Donated it to the ITG in 2010.
You can order it (as a member only) through the ITG and might find it "interesting" too?!?



Richard Carson Steuart and his Munich Brass - In a BIG BAND Mood

An obvious departion from Mr. Steuart's regular musical jargon, Richard has recorded a CD nostagic Big-Band and popular Jazz favourites of the 1930's 40's and 50's and even 60's on this playful CD.

This is the latest of 7 Munich Brass "plus" CDs (4 of which were recorded in the "Co-Producution" modus with Orfeo, Munich / La Tromba Music, Würzburg together with the BR , Studio I, Bavarian Radio and Televison, Munich: Munich Brass I, Munich Brass II, Gerschwin in Brass and "Pictures of an Exhibition".   This production was completed in February of 2008 and is especially "light- hearted" and nostalgic and presents the Munich-Brass Ensemble in yet another Constellation, that of a "Quintet +..." medium.

Mr. Steuart leads his Munich Brass recording and concert constellations (now in it's 30th season!!!) on this CD in a Sextet (similar to the Gerschwin in Brass CD formation for the 1990s with Pepe Solera and Normad Schetler but with another guest Solo-Saxophonist: the French Canadian Composer, Arranger, Conductor and Solo-Instrumentalist Normand DesChene, who resides in Germany since the mid 1980s. Mr. DesChene studied in Chicago and Basel where he  received his "Masterrs of Music in Performance" and there after taught Saxophone (over 17 years) 'til 2001 at the Bavarian State Music Hochschule in Würzburg.

This recording was produced by Mr. Steuart for La Tromba Music Productions in the Westend Studios in Buchbrunn Germany in cooperation with the MMO Music Minus One company of New York, New York as part of a series of 5 CDs Mr. Steuart recorded as Soloist since 2003. The other four CDs include 2 CDs of opera favourites with Symphony Orchestral accompaniment recorded in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and 2 CDs with Concert Band acconpaniment recorded in Kiev in the Ukraine.

In a BIG BAND Mood includes many Popular-"Jazzy" tunes such as Harry James' "Blues and Cantabile", Earl Hinse's "Harlem Nocturne", Duke Ellington's "Cooties Concerto", Henry Mancini's "The Pink Panther" and Mr. Steuart's favourites the New Orleans classic from 1930's "St James Infirmery" and from 1960's, "The Swingin' Shepard Blues" by the late Canadian Jazz-Legend Moe Kaufmann.

Earlier Munich Brass CDs (four of which done for the Bavarian Radio, Munich) include an all George Gershwin CD entitled "Gershwin in Brass" the CD "From Bach to Bernstein" and a CD with Modest Mousorgsky's "Pictures of an Exibition" and Mr. Steuart performing the Arutunian Trumpet Concerto and Jean Bapitist Arban's Variations on the "Carnival of Venice" with Concert Band accompaniment. All recording sessions were produced and directed by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's direction.


Spanish Blue Duo - Guitar and Trumpet with Jazz Ensemble

The Spanish Blue Duo with the unusual combination of a classical guitar and a trumpet was formed in 1997 specifically for a Gala- Concert and special Recording project in quaint country village of Gruensfeld ("greenfield") in the beautiful "Taubertaal" in northern part of the German State of Baden-Wuertenburg.

Both the Gala-Concert and CD production were sponsored by the Lord Mayor and town council of that village and involved not only Mr. Steuart and the young Virtuoso Guitarist Chrisian Reichert (who had just one year before won First Prize in the presigous Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition held in Granada, Spain) but aswell a hand picked 5-man accompanying group of experienced Jazz musicians (amoung others, the American born Drummer Billy Elgart and the Bassist Rudy Engles) but as an very special guest for the Gala-evening the beautiful and "firey" female Spanish Dancer Mercedes Consuelles-Sebald! This CD begins with the recordings of the "Classical-Spanish" works of Rodrigo (the 2nd Mvmt. from the "Concierto de Aranjuez") Maurice Ravel ("Habinera"), Issac Albeniz ("Sevilla") adapted for the Duo and moves through several related and further developled musical styles which had their origin in Spain but were exported throughout several centuries of Spanish Imperialist expansion to the "New-" Spanish and Portogese speaking "World" (ie. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, etc.) in the Americas.

The CD includes works by the Mexican Virtuoso Trumpeter Rafael Mendez (his "Bambuco"), the Argentinian Bandonioist Astor Piazolla (his "Cafe 1930" from L'Histoire de Tango) and the Brazilian Jazz Guitarist and Film composer Radames Gnatalli (his "Bozza Romantica") to name only a few of the best known works presented. Don't worry though, it also includes Mr. Steuart"s rendition of the famous and beloved "Granada" by the Mexican composer Augutin Lara!

All recording sessions were produced and directed by La Tromba Music Productions under Mr. Steuart's direction.

Spanish Blue

Music for Trumpet and Guitar

Artist's Notes:

The genre of trumpet and classical guitar, thought by many to be a relatively new instrumental combination, has in fact existed in various Latin American, traditional Spanish, and Mexican folk music for more than a century. It can be heard today throughout the world as an important part of various Hispanic cultural festivities. One can easily hear the influences of this basic instrumental combination even in the American instrumental jazz and pop music of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, i.e., in that of the highly successful Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

I believe, however, that the definitive impulse that elevated this traditional folk and popular medium to a form that can truly be regarded as "classical chamber music" came from the great Mexican-American solo trumpeter Rafael M?©ndez, most notably in his final recording "Together", released in the late 1970s. M?©ndez recorded this wonderfully expressive and intimate album with the Brazilian jazz and film music composer, Laurindo Almeida as his duo partner. The two successfully adapted various classical and popular works, including French flute and guitar/harp duets with Spanish influence, selected orchestral works and even some orignal works written especially for their historic recording session.

I have attempted in this CD to further extend the musical spectrum of M?©ndez and Almeida by presenting works ranging from the Renaissance, represented by the English composer John Dowland, through the late Baroque, represented by the Italian Carlo Tessarini, to diverse classical and impressionistic French and Spanish works. I have also included a more modern compositional style via the Argentinian tango composer, Astor Piazolla. Each work is presented in a manner that emphasizes the intrinsic character of the music. I opted to use various types and pitches of instruments, which allowed me to be more technically secure with the musical material and to be as musically descriptive as possible.

I have found that there are very definite limits to the selections of works one can perform in such a sensitive combination as acoustic guitar and trumpet. Most works written for the oboe, flute and/or violin sound best on these originally- designated instruments and do not work well as transcriptions for trumpet. It then must be the performer"s prerogative to decide what compositions would work musically on the trumpet in combination with guitar and in which keys they would be realistically performable.



It is my hope that this CD will motivate other trumpeters and their guitarists to attempt to perform in this special genre and to inspire creative, adventuresome composers to write new descriptive and lyrical pieces for this combination. Works that are technically well-suited to these extremely different yet dramatically complementary instruments can be wonderfully rewarding for performers and audiences alike.

Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen: J. S. Bach CD with Soprano, Trumpet and Organ

Carmen Fuggiss wuchs in Emmendingen auf und danach  in Freiburg, wo sie ihr Abitur ablegte. Bereits im Alter von 15 Jahren sang sie im Chor der Städtischen Bühnen Freiburg. In dieser Zeit wirkte sie 1983 beim Gala-Abend des ZDF mit.

Danach nahm sie das Studium an den Musikhochschulen Karlsruhe und Frankfurt auf und studierte am Mozarteum Salzburg bei Hanna Ludwig. Ihre Studienfächer waren Diplom-Musikerziehung, Gesang, Klavier und Opernfach.

Nach dem Studium begann sie ihre künstlerische Laufbahn Mainfranken Theater, Würzburg und am Nationaltheater, Mannheim. 1993 erhielt sie ein Engagement an der Staatsoper Hannover, wo sie als lyrische Koloratursopranistin mit dem Schwerpunkt in Partien von W. A. Mozart und Richard Strauss tätig ist. Zudem profilierte sie sich in Partien des italienischen Faches. Zu ihren wichtigsten Opernpartien gehören die Pamina (Die Zauberflöte), Susanna (Figaros Hochzeit), Konstanze (Die Entführung aus dem Serail), Lucia (Lucia di Lammeroor), Gilda (Rigoletto), Sophie (Der Rosenkavalier), Zerbinetta (Adriadne auf Naxos) Alban Bergs Lulu und Aribert Reimanns Melusine. 

In zahlreichen Rundfunk- und Fernsehproduktionen hat Fuggiss ihre Vielseitigkeit in verschiedensten Genres vom Mittelalter bis zur Moderne, vom Jazz  bis zu Chansons gezeigt.

Carmen Fuggiss arbeitete unter anderem mit den Dirigenten Georg Solti,  Kent Nagano, Fabio Luisi, Semyon Bychkov, Heinrich Schiff, Hubert Soudant und Ingo Metzmacher zusammen.


Klaus Linsenmeyer studierte er von 1959-1963 Schulmusik und Orgel an der Musikhochschule in München bei dem berühmten Bachinterpreten Prof.Karl Richter und an der Mu-sikhochschule in Stuttgart bei Prof. Anton Nowakowski.

Seit 1971 wirkt er als Organist an der Kirche Stift Haug in Würzburg, wo er eine sommerliche Orgelkonzertreihe begründete.

1996 promovierte ihn die Universität Würzburg zum Dr.phil. mit einer Dissertation über den berühmten Pianisten, Komponisten und Pädagogen Wilhelm Kempff.

Neben seiner Lehraufträge u.a. an der Musikhochschule, schreibt er Rezensionen als Konzertkritiker für die MAIN-POST sowie für verschiedene Fachzeitschriften. Zahlreiche Rundfunk-und Schallplattenaufnahmen sowie Konzerte im In-und Ausland machten Klaus Linsenmeyer international bekannt.   



Main Post Vorankündigung Mai 2009:

"Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen"

Virtuoso Barock Musik für Sopran, Trompete und Orgel

"Die Koloratursopranistin Carmen Fuggiss singt in dem von der Stadt Würzburg geförderten und von "La Tromba Music" veranstalteten 6. Muttertagskonzert am Sonntag, den 8. Mai, um 17 Uhr in der St. Burkhard-Kirche als Gast mit dem kanadischen Startrompeter Richard Carson Steuart und dem international bekannten Organisten Klaus Linsenmeyer .


Die gebürtige Freiburgerin singt zusammen mit dem International ARD Preisträger Richard Carson Steuart Johann Sebastian Bachs Kantate "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen" (BWV 51) sowie virtuose Prachtarien für Trompete und Sopran von Georg Friedrich Händel und Henry Purcell.

Dieses Repertoire haben die drei Künstler im vergangenen Jahr in einem "Live"-Konzert in Stift Haug, Würzburg aufgenommen, dessen Mitschnitt als CD im Konzert erstmals präsentiert wird."


pictures at an exhibition: Richard Carson Steuart and his munich brass with wind ensemble


La Tromba Music/Bavarian State Radio Co-production which includes:

Richard Carson Steuart and his Munich Brass
with Grand Concert Wind-Ensemble performing the entire Modest Mousorgsky/Maurice Ravel version

"Pictures from an Exhibition" in a new adaptation for Symphonic Band and Brass Sextet

and on the same CD:

Richard Carson Steuart as Cornet Soloist in the orginal Jean-Baptist Arban's version of the "Variations on the CARNIVAL OF VENICE" with Traditional Wind- Ensemble accompaniment (with original cadenzas by J-B Arban) and as Trumpet Soloist in the ALEXANDER ARUTUNJAN CONCERTO IN Ab with Large Concert Wind-Ensemble
(with the original cadenza by Timofey Dokshitzer).

The "Romantic" Russian Trumpet

a new La Tromba Music Production
Richard Carson Steuart as Solo Trumpeter and Cornetist with the Russian Brass Quintet
(members of the St. Peterburg Philharmonic Orchestra) including original and arranged works by Oskar Boehme, Alexander Goedicke, Vassily Brandt, etc., where Richard Carson Steuart perfoms on both the Romantic "French" Cornet avec Piston/Kornett and the Traditional "German" (Dreh-ventil/Rotary-valve) Trumpet, played in Russia in the 19th and early 20th Century.

Opera Favourites

a new MMO New York, New York/La Tromba Music Productions, Germany co-production Richard Carson Steuart and the Plovdiv Opera Orchestra Richard Carson Steuart performs beloved Grand Opera as well as the most famous Operetta works by Puccini, Verdi, Strauss, Lehar, Donizetti and many more. Richard Carson Steuart performs these works on variety of instruments includng the Piccolo Trumpet in High Bb, the Bb and A Romantic Cornet a Piston, the Bb Fluegelhorn, as well as the Rotary-valve (German) and Piston- valve (French) Trumpets in C and Bb.

A Night at the Opera: Opera Arias for Trumpet and Orchestra


A Night at the Opera: Opera Arias for Trumpet and Orchestra, Vol. I


"...Join the Canadian trumpet sensation Richard Carson Steuart playing the great operatic aria themes with a thrilling full orchestra! Then it's your turn to join the group with conductor Nayden Todorov at the helm!Our offer contains a custom-engraved solo part, printed on high-quality ivory paper; and a digital stereo compact disc containing complete versions of each song, and a second recording of the accompaniments minus soloist."

Performed by Richard Carson Steuart

Accompaniment : Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra; Sofia National Opera

Conductor : Nayden Todorov


Encore! Another Night at the Opera: Opera Arias for Trumpet and Orchestra, Vol. II


"...Virtuoso Richard Carson Steuart brings you a second album of opera classics arranged for trumpet and orchestra! Then you step in to blow your horn with a thrilling full orchestra!This excellent recording / book Contains a custom-engraved solo part, printed on high-quality ivory paper; and a digital stereo compact disc containing complete versions of each song, and a second recording of the accompaniments minus soloist."

Performed by Richard Carson Steuart

Accompaniment : Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra; Sofia National Opera

Conductor : Nayden Todorov






The Swing Era: Richard Carson Steuart and his Munich Brass

The Swing Era: Richard Carson Steuart and his Munich Brass



20th-century classics scored for brass ensemble. You won't believe the magical sound, especially when you take your horn in hand and take part!

This product includes a newly engraved, high-quality solo part, printed on acid-free ivory paper; and a compact disc containing digital stereo complete versions of each tune and another version of the accompaniment minus the soloist.

Performed by Richard Carson Steuart, solo-trumpet and flugelhorn and his Munich Brass (Sextet Combination with Saxophone)

Re-mastered La Tromba Music CD's to be released in 2013

A number of New and recently Re-mastered La Tromba Music CDs are presently in preparation for release, they include:

Richard Carson Steuart and his Munich Brass 3

re-released Orfeo International/Bavarian State Radio Co-production CDs including:

Munich Brass I "From Bach, Boogie and Bernstein"
Munich Brass II "from Mozart to Malcolm Arnold"
"Gershwin in Brass" (including the "Rhapsody in Blue" with the orignal Pianoforte Solo in a orginal R.C. Steuart accompaniment arrangment for Brass Quintet/Sextet)



A. ARUTIUNIAN Concerto and A. GOEDICKE Concert Etude Trumpet & Symphonic Concert Band, Vol. I

A. ARUTIUNIAN Concerto and A. GOEDICKE Concert Etude
Trumpet & Symphonic Concert Band, Vol. I


This great 20th-century concerto by Armenian composer Alexander Arutiunian has become one of the essential elements of all trumpeters' repertoire. Likewise the etude by Alexander Goedicke remains a classic, performed regularly in concert halls and on recordings. Virtuoso Richard Carson Steuart demonstrates his approachâ?¦you join with the orchestra to work your own magic!

This product contains a custom-engraved music score; printed on high-quality ivory paper; and a digital stereo compact disc containing complete versions of each song, and a second compact disc featuring accompaniments minus soloist, plus -20% slow-tempo versions of five up-tempo songs.

Performed by Richard Carson Steuart

Accompaniment : State Wind-Orchestra of the Ukraine

Conductor : Alexi Roschak

Concert Pieces for Trumpet / Cornet Solo and Symphonic Concert Band, Vol. II

Concert Pieces for Trumpet / Cornet Solo and Symphonic Concert Band, Vol. II

A collection of magical classics for trumpet and wind ensemble; the great Richard Carson Steuart demonstrates, then you walk under the spotlights and make great music! Includes classics from Herbert Clarke, Willie Liebe, and the spectacular and much sought-after Carnival of Venice variations by Arban!

This truly excellent recording / book contains a custom-engraved solo part, printed on high-quality ivory paper; and a digital stereo compact disc containing complete versions of each song, and a second recording of the accompaniments minus soloist.

Performed by Richard Carson Steuart, trumpet/cornet

Accompaniment : State Wind-Orchestra of the Ukraine

Conductor : Alexi Roschak