EBA Masterclasses and Competitions

jazz trumpet competition and masterclasses/workshops 2014

Prize winner's concert of the bavarian student classical brass player's competition 2013

Michael Lindner (1st Prize Winner Trumpet)

Albert Maier (1st Prize Winner Trombone)

Katharina Hauf (1st Prize Winner Horn)

Dominic Steele (Euphonium Prize)

Special Bavarian Music-Student Brass Competition 2013

In special celebration of the 30th anniversary of his pedagogical career in Bavaria, Germany at amoung other Musicial Institutions the "Berufsfachschule für Musik" (Musical Trade-School) in Bad Königshofen, the "Konservatorium für Musik" (Conservatory of Music ) and the "Hochschüle für Musik" (Bavarian State University of Music) in Würzburg, Richard Carson Steuart and his La Tromba Music CD Productions firm is holding a special Trumpet, French-Horn and Trombone competition for young Music Students wishing to study at a Musical "Trade-School" or a "University of Music" in Bavaria or who have already found a study position in Bavaria!

The Competition and European Brass Academy 2013 will be held in Hammelburg at the Bavarian Music Academy on the 11th and 12th of February 2013!


Prizes totaling more than 10,000 Euro will be awarded!


Download the competition repertoire as a PDF file HERE.

Download your competition application* form as a PDF file HERE.

Soloists with their own accompanists are welcome.
A professional organ and/or piano accompanist can be provided on request.

*All prizes awarded at the discretion of the jury. No legal recourse is possible.

A reembursement of the application fee for the competition is not possible.

The application is binding

Music Student Competition Instrumental Prizes


Participants List for the EBA Master-Classes and Competitors:

As of February 6th, 2013:


9 Horn Students
have given there Applications Forms properly Complete and enclosed a receipt proving they have paid there registration fee(s) for the Competition:

Luise Aschenbrenner (C),


Christian Fath (C), 


Katharina Hauf (C),


Veronika Hümpfer(C),


Monika Mager (C),


Martin Mayer (C),


Arndt Oberst (C + M-C),


Gabriel Stiehler (C),

Sebastian Taddei (C)



5 Trombone Students
have given there Applications Forms properly Complete and have paid directly or enclosed a receipt proving they have paid there registration fees:

Hannes Fäber (C),
Oliver Gotzler (C),
Jan Jäger (C),
Albert Maier (C),
Dominic Steele (C)





1 Trumpet Student
has given his Application Forms completed and payed his registration fee:


Michael Lindner (C)


(C= Competition, M-C= Master-Class)







First Round
With Organ
on 11.02.2013


Organ and Horn
10.00-12.00 and 14:00-16:30 O"Clock

All Horn participants must be present one hour prior to each round (at 9 A.M. and 13:00 P.M.)










Organ and Trumpet
16:30- 17.00

All Trumpet Participants must be present at one hour prior to each round (at 15:30)


Organ and Trombone
19:30-  22:00 

All Trombone Participants must be present at one hour prior to each round (at 18:30)



For preparitory rehearsals for both of the Competition Rounds AND the Masterclasses, please contact the designated Organ and Piano accompanists directly!
The designated accompanists (both Piano and Organ) must be paid for all rehearsals by the Competition participants directly!


The designated Organ accompanists are:

Iva Slancov?¡ for the required works of:

Krenek (Hn), Krol (Tbn) and Bach (Tpt)

0178 / 35 89 547 or 0931 / 78 44 352


Dr. Klaus Linsenmeyer for the works of:

Koetzier (Hn), Loeillet (Tbn) and Fasch (Tpt)

0170 / 55 38 994 or 0931 / 40 81 68

(Own choice works ("Konzertstuck: Eigene Wahl") for the first round can of course, be performed with either of the organ accompanist.)


Second Round
With Piano
on 12.02.2013


Piano and Horn 

9.00- 12:00

All Horn participants must be present one hour prior to each round (at 8 A.M.)


Horn Master-Class
with Professor Wolfgang Gaag


Trumpet and Piano Round

15:30- 16:00
All Trumpet Participants must be present one hour prior to each round (at 14:30)



Trumpet Master-Class
with Richard Carson Steuart 


Trombone and Piano Round

All Trombone Participants must be present one hour prior to each round (at 18:00)



Trombone Master-Class

with Professor Andreas Kraft
20:30 - 22:00


The Designated Piano Accompanist

(for the Competition as well as for the Master- Classes) :

Ulrich Pakusch (for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone):

0151 / 172 544 55 

Competition and/or Master-Class participants are welcome to bring there own accompanists! 






Further info at:


La Tromba Music Productions
Hofstrasse 10, 97070 Würzburg
Tel / Fax: 0931 / 35 36 574


Or for accomodations (??bernachtungen):
at the Bayerische Musikakademie Hammelburg (from the 11th to the 12th and/or 13th of February):

Bayerische Musikakademie Hammelburg Projekt GmbH

Am Schlossberg
97762 Hammelburg

Tel.: 09732 7868-0
Fax: 09732 7868-222

eMail: info(at)bmhab.de
or info(at)musikakademie-hammelburg.de

Internet: www.bmhab.de
or www.musikakademie-hammelburg.de





English Translation of the above presented "Flyer"


Bavarian Student Brass Instrument Competition 2012 /13


In celebration of  Richard Carson Steuart`s 30th year of teaching at among other Institutions  in Bavaria, the Musikhochschule (University for Music) in Wuerzburg (since 2001), La Tromba Music Productions and the European Brass Academy are holding a special Trumpet-, French-Horn- and Trombone- Music Competition specifically for young music students, who wish to study at a Vocational Music School or University College in Bavaria or have already found a study a position in Bavaria!


The competition takes place in Hammelburg / Bavaria at the Bavarian Music Academy on the 11th and 12th of February 2013. 


Prizes totally over 10,000 Euro will be given.




For the "first prize" winners three prizes have been prepared:


   -  a  4-valve double" French-Horn
-  a Tenor-Trombone with an open-rap extension and "Thayer-typeâ? valve-mechanism as well as a changeable bell
-   a piston-valve Bb trumpet with a special "American" 0.6 mm thickness copper-bell.




All three instruments are hand-engraved and have "light" cases. 
They are donated by La Tromba Music Productions.




The second prize winners will also receive 3 excellent instruments:

  -a Bb cornet "superior" model

  -a Bb 4-valved Compenstated Euphonium

  -a 4-valved Bb-A Piccolo trumpet (with added "A" lead-pipe)

All three instruments  are silver- and gold-plated and have "light" cases.
They have been graciously donated by Hans Thomann of "Musikhaus Thomann".


All the instruments will be awarded together with appropriate gold-plated mouthpieces of high value produced and donated by La Tromba Music Wuerzburg and Josef Klier Brass Instrument  Mouthpieces (Diespeck, Neustadt / Aisch) and plated by Markus Engert, Goldsmith / Silversmith (Wuerzburg).






As a "special prize" of the Jury President for exceptional performance of a trumpeter in the competition the jury may decide award a hand-made and hand-engraved, complete gold-brass La Tromba "Professional" rotary-valve (German style) orchestral trumpet.



The prize winners will perform together with Richard Carson Steuart in Würzburg on May 12th 2013 at 19:30 P.M. in the St. Adalbero Church and/or at 16:00 P.M. in the Hof Kirche (Würzburger Residenz) at which time Richard Carson Steuart from La Tromba Music and Hans Thomann of Musikhaus Thomann will personally hand over all of the instrumental prizes !!! 




Members of the Jury of the Bavarian Student Brass Competition:



Professor Andreas Kraft was born in Berlin in 1961. In 1980 he began his studies of the trombone at the Berlin University College of the Arts with Prof. Johann Doms "? at the same time he was taken on at the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Just one year later the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart engaged him as Solo- Trombonist.
In addition to his orchestra activities Andreas Kraft devoted himself early on to pedagogic work with rising generation of musicians.


Invitations as lecturer with the Young Chamber Philharmonia, Baden- Würtenburg , with the land youth orchestra BW, the state youth orchestra and the "Young German Philharmoniaâ? followed.


Further collaboration arose with the Villa Musica, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival and the German Brass Academy Krefeld. From 1999 - 2004 Andreas Kraft directed the Nurtinger chamber orchestra "? in the same year the Youth South German Orchestra,  Esslingen elected him as their artistic director.
In autumn 2002 Andreas Kraft received a full-professorship in the trombone faculty of the  Wuerzburg Music College (Hochschule für Musik Würzburg).
Andreas Kraft has been a member of the orchestra of the Bayreuth "Wagner" Festival since 1990.




Professor Wolfgang Gaag began his musical studies following his "Abiturâ? (A Levels) at the TU (technical university)  Berlin and at the college for music  Berlin (main field horn with Prof. Alfred Gohlke). During his studies he was the solo horn player with the RIAS Youth Orchestra and with the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra.


His first engagement as Solo- Hornist of the "Bamberger Symphoniker" came at the time of his graduating exams He changed to the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, from where Sergiu Celibidache engaged him as 1. Solo- Horn of the Munich Philharmonic. He also was enganged as Professor for Horn at the Munich Music University (Hochschule).


Wolfgang Gaag belonged to the Festival Orchestra of Bayreuth and is member and co-founder of famed chamber music  ensembles such as "German Brass", "Villa Musica" and "Odeon Concerts". His extraordinary musical and pedagogical abilities are revealed through his participation in various international master-courses, festivals and competitions as Juror.

Richard Carson Steuart.


At the age of 14 he got his first Teaching- Assitantship at the University of Saskatchewan and at 15 he was appointed  Solo- Trumpeter of the Regina Symphony Orchestra in his home city in Canada.


After winning the Canadian National Competition for classical soloists of all kinds in 1976 at 20 years of age, Richard Carson Steuart was appointed Solo -Trumpeter of the Canadian Chamber Orchestra and to National CBC Radio Soloist under amoung others the famous American composer and conductor Aaron Copland.
In the same year the Canadian National Arts Council distinguished him with a series of scholarships, with which he pursued his private master class studies in the USA at the "Curtis Institute" in Philadelphia as well as with soloists of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Metropolitan and New York Opera and also the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1977/78).


As solo trumpeter of the World Youth Orchestra (Jeunesses Musicales International) he came in the summer of 1978 to Europe in order to develop further abilities in master classes of Philip Jones, of the trinity college in London and Rolf Quinque,  solo trumpeter of the Munich Philharmonic and lecturer at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in  Munich.


Richard Carson Steuart was at 22 years already solo trumpeter of the German Opera on the Rhine Dusseldorf. In 1979 he was appointed as first solo trumpeter of the Bamberg Philharmonic under the conductor and founder of the Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Eugen Jochum. He was engaged in this position until with the support and special approval of the Bavarian ministry of culture a lectureship at the conservatory for music of the town of Wuerzburg was specially set-up for him.


Since September 2001 he has been lecturer for historic and modern brass wind instruments at the university college for music in Würzburg.


Since 2000 Richard Carson Steuart has organized many lecture and soloist appearances in among others the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, England and Germany for the ITG International Trumpet Guild with over 6000 active members and was in 2010 chosen to record the Solo CD of the Year for the ITG association with the title "music for guitar and trumpet".
Mr. Steuart was cofounder and solo trumpeter of the "German Brass Ensemble" from 1979 til" 1987 and in 1983 founded his own brass / wind ensemble "Munich Brass" with which he  has made numerous radio, television and CD recordings.
In addition he directs the "European Baroque Ensemble" which founded in 1987 (giving concerts on historic as well as contemporary instruments), also the "German Chamber Soloist String- Ensemble", 1989 as well as since 1999 the "Prince Bishop"s Wind Instrument Consortium,  Würzburg".
He is much in demand as Jury member among others with the National Radio and Television (ARD) Music Competition in  Munich.


As guest professor he is in addition active in universities from the USA to Russia. Among other European Awards his winning of both the International ARD Music Competition in 1980 in Munich and the "Concours l"ex?©cution de Musique Gen?¨ve" confirms his high artistic qualioty as  a solo trumpeter of world class.

Richard Carson Steuart is former president of the European Trumpet Guild (2003) and since 1995 initiator and director of the "European Brass Academy". He is in addition designer and producer of his own trumpet and accessories series and owner of a note publisher; organizes master classes and concerts at an international level and since 1987 produces CDs under the label LA TROMBA, Germany.




This year the EBA will take place on the 12th of Febrauary 2013 in the Bavaria Music Academy in Hammelburg with seperate 3  1 and 1/2 hour Masterclasses held by each of the 3 Jury members: Professor Gaag, Professor Kraft and Mr. Steuart during the "Bavarian Music-Student Brass Competition 2013". 

The European Brass Academy
was initiated by Richard Carson Steuart in 1985 with the intention of offering his students and those of his colleagues throughout  Europe the opportunity to study in both special Masterclass and in Concert environments with the finest brass teachers and performers world-wide.
Since it's inception in 1985 the "EBA" has been fortunate to have beem able to regularly invited top international Brass Playing Artists and Professors to Lecture and to help them prepare Concerts for and with students from all over the world. Many of these top-performer/teachers: Dr. Fred W. Mills / CANADA; Michael Laird/GB; Guy Touvron / F; Bobby Shew / USA; Prof. Jiggs Whiggam / USA/D; Dimitri Golovnen, Neva Brass / St. Petersburg, RUSSIA; Igor Sharapov and his "Russian Brass"/St. Petersburg, RUSSIA; Prof. Allan Cox / USA; Jean F. Madeuf/Basel; Dr. Dr. Edward H. Tarr D/USA; Prof. Valery Poslavuk / the UKRAIN; Vladislav Lavrik of "Moscow Master Brass" / Moscow RUSSIA, (to name only a few) have been repeated guests of the European Brass Academy over the last 25 years. 
This year Mr. Steuart is especially pleased to have  been able to invite two of his long standing friends and closest colleagues from the "Hochschule of Musik Wuerzburg", Professor Wolfgang Gaag / French Horn and Professor Andreas Kraft / Trombone to both give Master Classes for the EBA as well as be the main Jury members for the "Bavarian Music-Student Brass Competition 2013" Celebration organised and sponsored by his La Tromba Music Productions firm in Wuerzburg.  

Richard Carson Steuart and the Russian Brass

Richard Carson Steuart and the Russian Brass Quintet in Germany during a Tour in 2006. Recording and Masterclass sessions at the Bavarian Music Academy Hammelburg in 2006 were also in cooperation with the General Consul to the Russian Federation , Mr. Niklaus Knauf.