1st International Jazz Festival & Trumpet Competition 2014

EUROPEAN BRASS ACADEMY 2012/13: Masterclasses with Wolfgang Gaag (Horn), Andreas Kraft (Trombone) & Richard Carson Steuart (Trumpet)


The European Brass Academy was initiated in 1985 by Richard Carson Steuart with the intention of giving the opportunity to his students and colleagues in all of Europe in special concert and master classes to study with the best brass instrument teachers and artists worldwide and to gather experience.

In 2012/13 the European Brass Academy takes place on the 12th of February 2013 in connection with the Bavarian Student Brass Competition.

Three master classes of  one and one half hours each will be offered at the Bavarian Music Academy in Hammelburg.
Lecturers are the three jury members of the Bavarian Student Brass Instrument Competition 2012/13, Professor Wolfgang Gaag, Professor Andreas Kraft and Richard Carson Steuart.

Since the foundation of the EBA in 1985 (regularly) international artists and professors have been invited to lectures and concerts for and with students from the whole world. Many of these top performers and teachers have been repeated guests of the European Brass Academy: Dr. Fred W. Mills/Canadian Brass, Canada; Michael Laird/Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, Great Britain; Guy Touvron / Paris Conservatoire, France; Bobby Shew (USA); Prof. Jiggs Whigham (USA)/Germany; Dimitri Golovnen / Neva Brass; Igor Sharapov / Russian Brass (St. Petersburg Russian); Prof. Allan Cox, Vanderbilt University (USA); Jean F. Madeuf (France) and Dr.Dr. Edward H. Tarr (Germany / USA) "Musik Akademie Basel / Schola Cantorum Basiliensis�; Prof. Valery Poslavuk (Kiev, Ukraine); Vladislav Lavrik / Russian National Symphony Orchestra and Tschaikowsky Conservatory (Moscow, Russia).

2013 E B A Master- Classes
Bayersicher Musikakadmie Hammelburg 12.02.2013

Horn Master-Class
with Professor Wolfgang Gaag


Trumpet Master-Class
with Richard Carson Steuart 

Trombone Master-Class
with Professor Andreas Kraft
20:30 - 22:00