Mouthpieces (R and D)


For "Baroque" (Natural), rotary and piston-valve trumpets, as well as for piccolo, cornet and flugelhorn, LA TROMBA mouthpieces have been methodically researched and developed over more than 20 years.

They are a true synthesis of new-world technology and old-world craftsmanship.

These mouthpieces were designed initially to meet Mr. Steuart"s own artistic needs, firstly as an Opera- and Symphonic-musician; then as a studio, big-band and Chamber-player and lastly playing a decisive role in his success as a Concert-soloist from Renaissance and Baroque (on both period and modern instruments) to contemporary "Classical" music and Modern-Jazz.

All of these original mouthpieces have been repeatedly researched and developed (in sizes from 15 to 19 mm) for use with all brands of trumpets by all kinds of trumpeters.

LA TROMBA mouthpieces assure a dramatic acoustical and tonal improvement for all types and brands of trumpets because:

LA TROMBA mouthpieces improve the tone quality, projection and intonation and therefore the endurance of each player regardless of the make of his instrument and his musical application thereof.

LA TROMBA mouthpieces in combination with LA TROMBA trumpets (and corresponding LA TROMBA?¢ receivers) guarantee the true acoustical characteristics of the union of mouthpiece and trumpet because they finally fit together (no uncalculated gaps, no steps, no unwanted sound-wave-reflection and resulting acoustical "recouch?©").

"The matched and precise continuation of the back-bore of the mouthpiece into and through the lead pipe to the trumpet is the logical result of a proper fitting mouthpiece."

Having experimented in the 70s and early 80s with adjustable gap finders on the receivers of mouthpipes Mr. Steuart`s research brought him to the definitive conclusion that it is much better to build resistance (which is, in his opinion, the singular advantage that a gap can give to a trumpet"s acoustical character) into the mouthpiece, the trumpet lead pipe or the trumpet itself rather than to leave such critical aspects to chance through something as primitive as a mouthpiece "gap".

In intense discussion with mouthpiece and trumpet makers of such enormous experience and distinguished stature as Renold Schilke senior and Zigmant Kanstul in America, Josef Tilz, from the firm "Meister Hablowetz" as well as Jürgen Klier of JK mouthpieces in Germany, the question of "gaps" has long since been dismissed as either poor craftsmanship and/or a lack of understanding of basic acoustical principles.

The LA TROMBA system promises better response and intonation, more consistent overtone character and better tonal-quality especially in the high range.

LA TROMBA mouthpieces are the consummation of artistic ideals and innovative design combined with state-of-the-art technology (produced on CNC-Computer programmed lathes) and exacting quality control.

LA TROMBA?® trumpets and mouthpieces are MADE in GERMANY.

The LA TROMBA light mouthpieces are designed to give greater endurance through a slightly wider, more comfortable rim.

Full cup depth for a warm but centered tone.
Open symphonic backbores!
Generously proportioned and balanced throat-boresize (between 3.4 mm and 4.1 mm depending on cup diameter)
The light mouthpiece is designed to have sufficient weight around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece to ensure tone stability but still project a in wide circumference.
Proves itself to be advantageous for chamber music, small combo and small-studio recording.
The LA TROMBA middle weight mouthpieces:

Boast the same basic characteristics as the light mouthpieces, but with a greater tone-projection potential.
Full cup depth and "open" backbore.
Design has an increased mass especially around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece.
Greater projection than the light mouthpieces but in the same proportion a smaller but more intensive projection circumference.
The reduced dissipation of sound energy through the extra mass results in better endurance for the player.
Make softer playing easier through more tone stability
Proves itself to be advantageous for symphonic and large concert hall use.
The LA TROMBA heavy mouthpieces:

Have the same advantageous acoustical characteristics as the light and middle weight mouthpiece.

Boast a specially designed form for maximum mass around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece.
Increases dramatically projection of tone without loosing it"s fullness and center.
Noticeable improvement in attack and stability of resonance.
Better response in the soft dynamic.
Optimal tone stability into the extreme loudest dynamics.
Greatest tone projection characteristics with a minimum of overtone dissipation at the source.
Most intensive projected tone circumference.
Extreme reduction in energy loss at the source of the sound generator.
If fitted with LA TROMBA adapter ring projection loss is reduced at the stem of the mouthpiece as it interfaces with any standard mouthpipe receiver.
If fitted to LA TROMBA heavy weight receiver provides maximum projection of the complete overtone characteristics of the trumpet.
Proves itself to be very advantageous for solo playing in large concert halls, outside and especially in resonant rooms such as castles, palaces and churches.

The LA TROMBA F/C and C cornet/flügelhorn mouthpieces:

True Cornet a´Piston mouthpieces.

Follow the historical design of mouthpieces made for French, cornets and flügelhorns (Bügels) of the 19th century.
Have a V-cup and a proportionate conical backbore producing a warm true cornet tone.

The LA TROMBA C/T cornet mouthpieces:

These are made with "modern" cornet cup-form (like small trumpet mouthpieces)

...makes the higher register easier because of the flatter cup form.

...have an open back-bore for a full centered tone

They are available in L (light) and M (middle) weights (comparable to the L and M trumpet mouthpiece models)

The LA TROMBA "F" Flugelhorn mouthpieces:

Follow the same "historical lineage" as the Authentic Cornet á Piston mouthpieces.

With a medium deep true V-cup but not exaggerated in depth and therefore allow the complete range with flexibility and warm tone.
Available with German as F/D, French as F/F and American/Japanese tapered mouthpiece shafts for the respective instruments.
The LA TROMBA "P" (piccolo) mouthpieces:

Designed for piccolo trumpets with small so called "cornet shank".

Available only in light and middle heavy version.

Are especially advantageous with Schilke, Stomvi and Zirnabauer piccolo trumpets.

The LA TROMBA "H" (high) trumpet mouthpieces:

Available in light, middle and heavy versions

Designed with flatter cups and smaller bore for more support in the high register.
Especially advantageous for piccolo trumpets with large lead pipes.
Preferred by Jazz musicians who prefer a full tone quality.
The new "H-"(H-Minus) is now available with a little deeper cup as the "H" but still shallower as our standard cup depth.
The LA TROMBA "HJ" (high jazz) trumpet mouthpieces:

For the modern big band "lead"-artist.

Promises improved stability in the extreme high register with a clear focused tone with-out forcing.
Comparable to the J. Marcinkiewicz "Bobby Shew" Jazz mouthpieces but with slightly larger throat and "other necessary and corresponding" changes in the backbore to reduce excessive resistance but still allow the necessary support in the extreme high register.
The models "HJ1", "HJ2" and "HJ3" have cup depths comparable to the well known Marcinkiewicz 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5. but with more open backbores.
The LA TROMBA "R" (Rotary valve) trumpet mouthpieces:

Following the traditional German trumpet (rotary valve) cup and throat forms

Reduced resistance, better tonal quality.
Comes in all three weights (light, middle, heavy)

The LA TROMBA "RG" (Rotary Valve/ German Backbore) Trumpet mouthpieces:

Primarily designed for symphonic work.

Designed for Zigmant Kanstul and Josef Monke (Cologne, Germany) and generally all trumpets made in Germany and Japan rotary-valve trumpets or instruments that follow this design GERMAN tradition.
Same as the "R" mouthpiece but following the German tradition of throat and backbore.
Follows the Heckel pre-World-War II tradition of mouthpiece backbore design but in a more generous proportion for use in the modern Symphony orchestras
Boasts a huge quantity of tone without loosing warmth or clarity.
Improves the quality of tone while reducing resistance especially with the instruments from the firms Ganther (Munich, Germany) and Scherzer (Augsburg, Germany).

The LA TROMBA "RA" (Rotary valve/Austrian backbore) trumpet mouthpieces:

Underlining the characteristics of the Viennese symphonic school of trumpet.

Designed primarily for the traditional Austrian Rotary valve tone concept (primarily for the rotary valve instruments of the firms Schagerl, Lechner, Schertzer) or instruments in this tradition.
Promising a very full and warm tone with reduced resistance.