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Es ist die Absicht von La Tromba Music Productions ein breites Spektrum an allgemeinen Dienstleitungen, Materialien und Informationen im Bezug auf die Musik der Trompete zu geben.

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Under the heading European Brass Academy we will inform you as to our international "EBA - Masterclass" organisation which regularily involves a host of dynamic guest-Professors world -wide. These guest-Professors are both top peformers and teachers and this of not only the Trumpet (and this from Baroque to Jazz) but players of all instruments of the brass family.
The EBA Courses and Masterclasses cover various kinds of brass instrumnetal music from Baroque to Brass Band, Blues, Big- Band, Traditional and even Modern Pop-Jazz.

We will be presenting all of our various Concert Ensembles and be informing you about each of their seperate activities under the heading La Tromba Musici.

We will also be showing the various features of our exclusive line of Hand Made La Tromba Professional-Model trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns and as well as be introducing our completely new (2008) series of afforably priced, and yet quality La Tromba Student- Model trumpets, cornets and fluegelhorns, and these all under the simple heading Trumpets.

We will aswell be presenting our ever expanding La Tromba mouthpiece line, ranging from our very popular Baroque Mouthpieces in B1 B2 B3 cup depths over our Classical , Romantic and Modern Piston- valve Trumpet, Cornet and Fluegelhorn Mouthpieces and Romatic and Modern Rotary-valve (German Trumpet) models through to our various Piccolo-trumpet and HJ / "High-Jazz" Trumpet models under the heading Mouthpieces.
(All La Tromba mouthpieces are made on "state of the art " CNC computer controled lathes).

We will be aswell be offering an ever increasing selection of Printed Music and both re-mastered and all new La Tromba produced Solo-Trumpet and Ensemble CD recordings ranging from the Baroque over the Classic and the Romantic to the Modern and even contemporary Jazz and other modern musical idioms.

In the sections Methodology and European Brass Academy we will once again inform you about present and newly developing teaching methods as well as give you information about our own EBA Masterclass organisation. The EBA regularily engages guest-Professors of international stature who are both top peformers and teachers of all of the instruments of the brass family.
These EBA Masterclasses are not limited to only Solo "Classical" perfomance but rather are directed toward persons who are interested in various kinds of brass music idioms from early Baroque to Romanitic Brass and Symphonic Band over the various formations of Brass Ensemble (with organ) and on to Blues and Jazz Combo and even to Big- Band and also include many other musical idioms possible to perform and study on brass instruments today.

It is our intention to make this new website grow as a dynamic addition to he Brass Performers world hope you will find it both interesting and informative.

This La Tromba Music Productions website is just one vehichle through which we wish to present all of our variousLa Tromba  ideas. 
In short, La Tromba Music is all about the trumpet and everything you can think about that pertains to it.
We hope you share our enthusiasim and welcome you to visit us again anytime!

R. C. Steuart for La Tromba Music.