La Tromba Trumpet Mouthpieces

La Tromba Trumpet mouthpieces come in three weights: Light, Medium and Heavy and these with from 15 mm to 19 mm cross- sectional cup- diameters in a 1/4 mm graduation. (For general relative size comparison please note that for example: a modern Vincent Bach Corp. 1 1/2 c or Yamaha 16C4 Trumpet mouthpiece model has for an approximately 16 3/4 mm cup diameter where as the Bach1 is comparable to a Yamaha 18 C4.) These Bach and Yamaha numbers unfortunately (obviously) do not correspond to the true cross-sectional diameters of the cups of their mouthpieces in millimeters or otherwise.

With La Tromba Mouthpieces however the Numbers on the mouthpiece mean exactly what they say!....: "this is the cross sectional diameter" of the inside of the cup or bight of the rim "of this mouthpiece" and this "in millimeters" .
In short this numbered size is what you "feel" as your emboucher.

This exact same numbering technique sizes apply to all of our cornet, flügelhorn... even baroque trumpet MPs.


The LA TROMBA Light-weight (L) mouthpieces:

Designed to give greater endurance through slightly wider, more comfortable rim sizes.

  • Open symphonic backbore
  • Full cup depth for a warm but centered tone.

  • Generously proportioned and balanced throat and bore (between 3.3 mm and 4.1 mm depending on cup diameter)

  • The light mouthpiece is designed to have sufficient weight around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece to ensure tone stability but still projects a wide tone circumference.

  • Proves itself to be advantageous for chamber music and small studio recording and for younger or less experienced players.


The LA TROMBA Middle-weight (M) mouthpieces:

Same basic characteristics as the light mouthpieces but with a more intensive tone and warmer tone.

  • Through amoung other added design characteristics, the increased mass especially around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece allows a greater tone volume stabilty and projection.

  • Greater projection than the light mouthpieces but in the same proportion a smaller but more intensive tone circumference.

  • Reduced disapation of sound energy resulting in better endurance for the player.

  • Proves itself to be advantageous for symphonic and large concert hall use.

The LA TROMBA Heavy (S) mouthpieces:

Same advantageous acoustical characteristics as the light and middle weight mouthpiece allows the greatest tone volume and stabilty and projection.

  • Specially designed for maximum mass around the critical "soul" of the mouthpiece.

  • Increases dramatically projection of tone without loosing it"s fullness and center.

  • Noticeable improvement in attack and stability of resonance.

  • Better response and resonance in the softest dynamic.

  • Optimal tone stability into the extreme loudest dynamics.

  • Greatest tone projection characteristics with a minimum of overtone dissipation at the source.

  • Most intensive projected tone circumference.

  • Extreme reduction in energy loss at the source of the sound generator.

  • If fitted with LA TROMBA Adapter Ring projection loss is reduced at the stem of the mouthpiece as it interfaces with any standard mouthpipe receiver.

  • If fitted to LA TROMBA Heavy Weight Receiver provides maximum projection of the complete overtone characteristics of the trumpet.

    Also useable with the new La Tromba Adjustable-Receiver which is mounted on the many of the new La Tromba Trumpet models.
  • Proves itself to be very advantageous for solo playing in large concert halls, outside and especially in resonant rooms such as castles, palaces and churches.

The LA TROMBA "R" (rotary valve) trumpet mouthpieces:

Following the traditional German trumpet (rotary valve) cup form.

  • Reduced resistance, better tonal quality.

  • Comes in all three weights (light, middle, heavy)

  • Basic difference between this mouthpiece is the form of the cup and the throat.

The LA TROMBA "RG" (rotary valve/German) trumpet mouthpieces:

Primarily designed and intended  for Larger Symphonic work.

  • Designed primarily for Josef Monke (Cologne, Germany) rotary valve trumpets or instruments that follow this design tradition.

  • Same as the "R" mouthpiece but following the German tradition of throat and backbore.

  • Follows the famous Heckel pre-Worldwar II tradition of mouthpiece backbore design but in a more generous proportion.

  • Boasts a huge quantity of  sound without loosing either warmth or clarity of tone projection.

  • Improves the quality of tone while reducing resistance especially with the instruments from the firms Ganther (Munich, Germany) and Scherzer (Augsburg, Germany) and Monke, (Koeln, Germany) and Thein (Brehmen, Germnany).

The LA TROMBA "RA" (rotary valve/Austrian) trumpet mouthpieces:

Underlining the characteristics of the Vienese symphonic school of trumpet.

  • Designed primarily for the Austrian tone concept (primarily for the lighter rotary valve instruments of the firms Schagerl and Lechner) or instruments in this tradition.

  • Promising a very full and warm tone with reduced resistance.
  • With a  "back-bore" similar to the light "traditional" form of the excellent Brezelmeier Mouthpiece Brand stilled played in Austria today but  through the added La Tromba options of middle and heavy versions allowing an even fuller, wamer tone with more projection and tone stabilty for more endurance.