La Tromba Historical "Baroque" (and Renaissance) Trumpet Mouthpieces

The LA TROMBA "B"(Baroque) trumpet mouthpieces:For the MODERN Baroque-Trumpet artist.

These mouthpieces were designed for performers who have to not only play the baroque trumpet but modern trumpet aswell and cannot allow him self to use outdated sharp rimmed Cups that tire and often even damage his lips!

Stop cracking notes!!!
La Tromba "Baroque" Trumpet Mouthpieces come (like all La Tromba Mouthpieces) in cup sizes wth a cross sectional diameter from 15 mm to 19 mm. with Authentic and Modern comforable rims!
These mouthpieces do however always have TRADITIONAL (Historical) Baroque and Renaissance cup forms, throats and back bores and of course authentic (large) historical shanks.
They fit well with all versions of "Authentic" and Modern "Baroque" and Renaissance Trumpets (Egger, Mundkwitz, Raquet etc.)
There design promises extreme tone stability in both the high and low register with a clear focused tone center, which greatly reduces the ususal problems of "cracked"- notes! 

The models "B1", "B2" and "B3" have progessievly flatter-cup depths allowing a choice for the Principal, Clarino and extreme high "Supra-Clarino" ranges.

Some comments by the Leading International "Baroque" Trumpet Players, Teachers and Historians about the La Tromba "B- model" mouthpieces:

  • Dr. Dr. Edward H.Tarr (Switzerland / Germany / USA) 
    ", you can really zoom into the high register with these mouthpieces and without cracking notes,... easy!
    Graham Nicolson (den Haag) Arist and Instrument Maker
    "...hey, go can play ANYTHING on these mouthpieces!" 
    Michael Laird (England):Famous Trumpeter (Royal Acadmie of Music London and Manchester / former Philip Jone Brass Ensemble member / Interrnational Soloist)
    "...finally, a realistic view toward Baroque mouthpiece rim design!"
    Marc Ulrich (Switzland / France)
    "...I bought all three models (B1, B2 and B3) and love them all,... genial!" 
    Nicklas Eklund (Sweden)
    "Thanks Richard! You are a true friend! Only you truly helped me (and this so much), when you lent me your personal Egger Trumpet and gave me an excellent La Tromba "Baroque" MP that truly helped me restart my fading Career!
    I will never forget you for all your generousity and support! I am your friend for ever!"