La Tromba "H" (High-range) and "HJ" (High-Jazz) Mouthpieces

The LA TROMBA "H" (High-range) trumpet mouthpieces:
Available in light, middle and heavy versions.
Designed with flatter cups and smaller bore for more support in the high register.
Availabe in progessiebly two progessively deeper cup depths H- and H2
Used by many Jazz musicians who prefer a full tone quality and yet more support in the extreme high regeister.

The LA TROMBA "HJ" (High Jazz) trumpet mouthpieces: For the modern big- band "Lead- Trumpet" Artist.

Available in light (L), middle (M) and heavy (S) versions.
Promises extreme stability in the high register with a clear focused tone center and maximum projection.In the heavy form allows the player to easily dominate the entire Big- Band.

Comparable to the older Marcinkiewicz "Shew" Jazz mouthpieces and more recent Jamaha Bobby Shew models but with a slightly larger throat as well as other necessary corresponding changes in the backbore to reduce excessive resistance but still allow excellent support in the extreme high register.
In progessively flatter-cup models from  "HJ1", "HJ2" and "HJ3" have cup depths comparable to other Brand models marked 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5.
Because if the enormous intensity and projection of these  HJ models it is recommended when using the Heavy versions that the microphones be placed 20 to 30 cm further away from the bell than ususal, to avoid sound distortion.