The Prince Bishop of Wuerzburg's Wind Ensemble

The large brass ensemble named " The Price Bishop of Wuerzburg's Wind- Ensemble" (Fürstbischofliches Bläserconsortium zu Würzbuzg) was formed in 1999 by Richard Carson Steuart. The members of this ensemble are primarily his former "Masterclass" and "Concert-podium" students from both the earlier Bavarian State and Wuerzburg City Schools of Music (Bayerisches Staats Konservatorium und Stadt Fachakademie für Musik Würzburg) and since 2001 from the  Bavarian State's University of Musical Arts (Bayerische Hochschule für Musik Wuerzburg). 

The ensemble is variable in it's size, depending on the concert repertoire to be performed and/or recorded and consists of up to 7 Trumpeters (also doubling on Natural/Baroque Trumpets), 1 Alto Trombonist, 3 Tenor Trombonists, a Bass-Trombonist, a Bass-Trumpeter, 2 Hornists, a Tenor-Tubist and a Bass-Tubist and a Tympanist.

The "FBCâ? has since it's formation in 1999 performed regularily both in Würzburg and greater Franconia (Northern Bavaria/Franken), done several Radio-recordings in BR -Nuernburg and under Mr. Steuart's direction taken part in several International Music-festivals including 3 Concert tours to Northern Italy as well as Live- Radio Concerts in Austria and Slovenia.
This "liveâ?-recording of the complete G.F. Händels "Royal Fireworksmusic" was arranged by the renown Music Historian Helmut Timpelan in 1999 (the 250th Anniversary of G.F. Handels death) especially for the "Prince Bishop of Würzburg's Windensemble". This CD is available through La Tromba Music Productions, Wuerzburg.